Private Fee Guide

If you would like to register at the practice you can pay for each visit or join our practice membership plan which has two options:

Insurance is included with all our dental membership plans, providing cover for Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Callout to give your patients peace of mind. We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of insurance mediation activities.
*A one off administration charge of £9.50 applies.


If you have not been seen at the practice before but have an urgent problem, such as toothache we can usually resolve the pain for an emergency fee of £99. This will include an initial assessment including X-rays if required, a diagnosis of the cause and basic treatment to relieve symptoms. You can then register at the practice if you wish.

Private Pay as you go Happy Smiles Plan
Examination inc x-rays if required £45 for new patient first visit £36 thereafter Included x 2 yearly in plan A x 1 in Plan B
Scale and Polish £47 Included in x 2 yearly in plan A x 1 in Plan B
White Fillings From £60 – depending on size and location 20% Reduction
Amalgam From £40 depending on size and location 20% Reduction
Crowns Metal – From £300
Metal and porcelain- From £350
Full porcelain- From £425
20% Reduction
Dentures From £300 for single plate
From £600 for Full set
20% Reduction
Extractions From £70 20% Reduction
Whitening From £250
Top Ups from £77.50 for 4 syringes
5% Reduction