Facial Aesthetics

Here at Happy Smiles we can enable you to combat the signs of aging.

We offer in-depth Treatment Consultations so you are aware what treatments are avaliable, what they entail and the possible outcomes they can achieve.

Botox® is well known for it’s wrinkle removing effects. It is now one of the top selling non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the UK and continues to increase in popularity. It works on most facial lines that have been caused by repeated muscle movements such as frown lines across the forehead and crow’s feet. 

The procedure is effective and simple as Botox® is injected in tiny quantities with a very small needle directly into the muscles that are being treated. It works by relaxing the muscles so they are no longer habitually contracting. This means the lines caused by the muscle movement are significantly reduced or erased. Results start to appear after 4-5 days with the main effect appearing after about two weeks and lasting 3 to 4 months. Your face looks smoother, younger and refreshed, .

We can also offer treatment for excessive sweating call now to book a consultation to discuss your options .